Tony Kornheiser’s an idiot!

Jayson Werth at bat. Photo courtesy of Alex Brandon/AP.

Jayson Werth at bat. Photo courtesy of Alex Brandon/AP.

Hope that title catches people’s attention:) I have little use for sports-talk radio or TV; I’m so old I can’t remember what middle school was like, but every time I happen upon one of these programs by mistake the distant memories re-surface, soon to be stuffed back into whatever they escaped from!

So Jason Werth recently was quoted in the media mentioning what all of us lifer ball-players know all to well: that hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do well in all of sports. And Tony just had to open his foolish mouth and call Werth “an idiot!” Enough said.

On to the more important things. There are but 3 decisions left for Matt Williams regarding the final 25-man starting roster: one utility bench-man, the 7th relief pitcher and the 5th starting pitcher.

1. It’s between Jamey Carroll or Tyler Moore. Moore’s been hitting better, but Carroll brings many skills he does well. Carroll gets my vote. And if that is what happens, then I think Moore gets traded (to Houston).

2. Number 2 depends on what the decision is for number 3. If Tanner Roark is the 5th starter (assuming Doug Fister is really set to go), then Aaron Barrett is the 7th and final guy in the bullpen. And that is how I think this will play out. But, if Roark does not get a starting pitcher slot, he goes to the bullpen, and jordan would be the likely 5th starter.

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