Baseball is a simple game!

Most of us who have played the game for more than a few years have been told this many times by coaches, players and others.  What they are really trying to impart is this:  If you want to really become a good player focus on just a few things, and trying to do them very well.  Do not over-think what you are doing while in the middle of a game.  Practice A LOT so that playing just becomes instinctual.  Every time you are practicing have a few specific goals in mind.

That’s it.  Got it?

OK, here is an extra-choice question for the fans:  How is baseball like investing in the stock market?

Now that it has been a few days…Answer: Both baseball and investing can be very data analysis driven. For more information, click here for a great article on the topic of sports and investing By Bill Nygren–one of the best mutual fund managers in the business. 


One thought on “Baseball is a simple game!

  1. Tough game last night but they’ve sure been swinging the bats like crazy.

    I’ll bite, what’s the answer to the riddle?…

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