Bryce Boo-boo

Ironic cover of the Nationals' magazine that came out on April 17!

Ironic cover of the Nationals’ magazine that came out on April 17!

Manager Matt Williams benched Bryce the boy-wonder yesterday for NOT HUSTLING!  What’s this, you wonder?  OK, I was there (April 19) and this is what happened:  in the 6th inning Bryce hit a come-backer to the pitcher.  He was so upset with himself that he jogged to first.  Next thing he knew MM (that’s “Manager Matt”) was telling him “Frandsen is going to left field.”

In the press conference after the game both were asked about the incident.  And both said the right things, Matt explaining what he expects of his players (maximum hustle) and Bryce saying Matt did the right thing (essentially admitting he screwed up).

Case closed as far as I’m concerned.

The media tried to say that since Bryce would have come to bat in the ninth with a chance to win the game and that Bryce let his team-mates down.  I say that’s nonsense because Frandsen has been hitting very well in clutch situations. In fact, he hit well in this situation yesterday, getting an RBI!

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