Manager Matt Blows One

Matt Williams cost the Nats the game last night (April 21).  In the 8th inning Tyler Clippard was on the mound.  An Angels rally was gathering steam with two dangerous left-handed batters coming up (Aybar and Raul Ibanez).  Ibanez is a well-known “Nats-Killer”.  Everyone knows Clippard is having serious problems with Lefties, especially this year.  The Nats had 3 left-handed pitchers in the pen and Cedeno was all warmed up. But Matt stuck with Clippard!  I was screaming at my TV! I think even my 5-yr old grandson would have brought in Cedeno 🙂  So the bottom line is the Angels proceeded to score 4 runs as both batters came through with base hits, and Ibanez hit his over Bryce’s head in left field!

Ian Desmond’s 2 errors in the inning didn’t help!  But errors happen, while manager decisions are avoidable.


One thought on “Manager Matt Blows One

  1. I missed last night’s game but heard the low-lights. Personally I’ve seen enough of this kind of thing from Clip to say it’s time to try somebody else. I know the stats say he’s the guy to go with but e blows just about every game I see him pitch. MM was trying to prove a point and stay with his guy but there were better options as you point out.

    Harper is a bit of an enigma. He either runs himself into a wall needlessly or jogs half way to first or breaks everything in sight. Lots of fans will still say he was so young and was in the spotlight his whole life and….and that’s life. All that is true but he was blessed with a once in a generation talent (so they tell us). He needs to grow up. Problem is he’ll probably become a complete player with the Yankees or somebody out west.

    Thanks for the blogs!

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