Watch this Whirling Darvish!

Watching Yu Darvish pitch on Sunday must have been like watching Michaelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel.  I was mezmerized, not able to take my eyes off the TV screen.  He has been called “the shape-shifting ace,” an apt description.  The Nats Greg Dobbs uttered “What can you say?”  Adam Kilgore said (Wash. Post of June 2) “He can be a flame thrower, tactician, or snake charmer, all in the same at-bat.”  After blazing a 95-mph fastball by Adam Laroche, he left Adam frozen (and struck out) by a 59-mph curveball.  Denard Spann (hitting over .400 in his last 29 games) was the only Nat with any success in the game, as Texas won 2-0.

Other Notes:  The Nats bullpen was ranked number one in baseball as of May 29.  And Soriano, Storen and Barrett are three of the top seven relief pitchers in all of MLB, with ERAs below 1.00.

One thought on “Watch this Whirling Darvish!

  1. So what we are all waiting for are your thoughts on the move of Zim to LF and the pending moves when Harper returns. Seems like no way Rendon leaves 3B and I can see Zim getting spot duty at 1B, but maybe not even that if he’s to develop into any kind of consistent LF. Also, do you think Gio (NatGio) will comae back strong and are Jordan Zim’s early game struggles behind him? Wow, that’s a lot of stuff!

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