Momentum is Next Day’s Starting Pitcher

One of the commentators (maybe “MASN Dan” Kolko) said that about last night’s Nats thrashing of the SF Giants.  Manager Matt Williams was asked repeatedly last night about the hot streak the Nats are currently in the middle of, but to his credit he avoided taking that bait and merely talked about needing to be ready for today’s game.  Good manager response!  And with Doug Fister taking the mound tonight, the team has plenty of confidence even though they will be facing a very good Giants pitcher, Madison Bumgarner.

Last night I hit the sack around 9pm and set my alarm for 11pm, to at least be able to see some of the game:)  Glad I did that!  Our guys were pounding the best team in baseball this year and one of their excellent pitchers, Ryan Vogelson.  Right now most of the Nats are looking real good with bats in their hands, but Ian and Denard are absolutely RED HOT!  That’s the nature of hitting a baseball, the ability comes and goes, and often the harder one tries the worse it goes.

Stephen Strassburg was on top of his game too last night.  He was hitting his spots well and his changeup was NASTY.

This was the worst beating any team has inflicted on the Giants THIS YEAR!

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