Don’t Gimme no Stinkin Walks!

Nats starters threw a string of 47 strike-outs with no walks!  That must be some kinda record that I have never even dreamed of (I was a lefty pitcher through my college years and we all know about southpaws and control issues:)  Last night Doug Fister walked a batter to break the string and I thought Matt Williams might call time out to send Steve McCatty out to the mound with a tranquillizer:)

All baseball people are superstitious, so I won’t say a word about the Nats hot streak!

Adam Laroche finally has enough at-bats to take his rightful place among the NL batting leaders; he’s 6th or 7th now I think, in batting average, and possibly higher in OBA (on-base-average).

One thought on “Don’t Gimme no Stinkin Walks!

  1. I won’t say anything about the Nats streak other than keep it up! I will say that I just finished a biography on Joe Di Maggio and most fans know about his 56 game hitting streak. Few realize that, when broken, he embarked upon a 16 game streak the day after. That means he hit safely in 72 of 73 games…nearly half a year! And, btw, I believe Williams actually had a higher batting average that year. Unbelievable…

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