Werth Arrested for Robbing Base

The Nats almost set a new team record for stolen bases last night. They snagged five (in the first three innings!) to tie the record, but that would be the end team larceny in the game. However, the 5th steal was by far the BEST! As Jason Werth began his slide, he saw that Jose Altuve (Houston’s All-Star second-baseman) already had the ball and was getting set to tag him out. So he altered his slide, knowing that Altuve would swipe his glove across the front side of the base, so that he would stop about 5-6 inches short of the base. As he did that he popped up to his feet after Altuve’s glove had attempted the tag, and quickly got one foot on top of the base! All Altuve could do was stand there dumb-founded:) I have seen the play live in a video clip, but have not been able to find it in Slo-Mo. In the live clip everything happens too fast to see what actually happened. But I was listening to the game on 106.7 and Charlie Slowes explained what he had seen replayed on Slo-Mo where he was sitting.

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