Nats in good spot right now.

The tea leaves are looking very good for the Nats at this point.
1. They took 2 of 4 from the Braves, though they should have won the 15-inning one.
2. Gio (having a mediocre year thus far) pitched very well last night, showing he actually does have some mental toughness, holding one of the best hitting teams in baseball scoreless!
3. Harper and Ramos will be back soon and are playing well in rehab with the P-Nats.
4. Adam Laroche, the best hitter on the team so far, is having a great year with the bat. He is right up there with the league leaders.

For me the BIG question mark is Ryan Zimmerman. He is not hitting as he usually does, and with Harper coming back, wherever you put him on defense he will be the least effective player on the field. If it were up to me I would try to trade him, knowing that will be difficult with the contract he has (and mediocre performance). But baseball is a business, right? We’ll see what Mike Rizzo is made of.

One thought on “Nats in good spot right now.

  1. Good stuff. These marathon games have got to stop! I enrage my friends when I say that the Nats should at least put feelers out there, hush-hush, to trade Harper. They all yell “Remember the Bambino!” Time will tell I suppose.

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