A Great College World Series Playoff

For those who got to watch the 3-game playoff, won by Vanderbilt U., it was quite a treat!
Except for the truly freaky 9-run inning in the first game, both U.Va. and Vandy were very well matched; good hitting, good pitching, and good TV announcing. I could see these were two very well coached teams. Though I can’t remember how many of the players had been amomg the recent pro draftees, I know it was many of them. And I could see how both David Price and Sonny Gray (and other pro pitchers who’se names I can’t remember) had received a good foundation at Vanderbilt.

Footnote: On Wednesday (at 2am!) the Nats called up pitcher Taylor Hill from AAA Syracuse because their entire bullpen was worn out. When Stephen Strasburg self-destructed that evening in Milwaukee, Hill got into his FIRST major league game. Of course he was thrilled! And after the Nats game was over he was able to watch his alma-mater, Vanderbilt, win the CWS. Quite an evening for the kid:)

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