Trade Strass!

After watching Stephen Strasburg’s two latest efforts, I am going to say something that Mike Rizzo is possibly thinking about reluctantly: the time has come to bite the bullet and trade Strass. I have watched nearly every game he has pitched for the Nats, starting in 2010. He is not a pitcher who can be sent into “must-win” games or even your everyday “important” ones that are routine for a pennant-contender. His mental “makeup” does not handle stressful situations, pressure or adversity well at all. Unfortunately, that is simply not going to change much.

If the team is serious about wanting to reach the playoffs, they need to get engaged with going after David Price, Jeff Samardzija or Cliff Lee before the trade deadline.

One thought on “Trade Strass!

  1. Lots of analysis how Stras is still the best pitcher on the squad but he sure is a head case. I think we’d better hang on to Stras and RZim…and TRADE HARPER!! 🙂

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