Nats MVP


Adam Laroche is, in my opinion, the team MVP for the first 81 games this year. He’s the best hitter on the team and a gold-glove first-baseman. Usually, when Nats pitchers get in a tight spot you see Adam going to the mound (and also Ian Desmond) to try to calm them down. And Adam is a big veteran influence in the dugout as well.

As for Bryce Harper’s comments on lineup changes to suit himself, I’m not going to waste space here. Matt Williams and the team veterans will deal with that:) Tom Boswell did in The Post today.

One thought on “Nats MVP

  1. Massive performance by the offense last night and I’d like to hope that these guys are setting up well for a run now that they’re healthy. It seems the last thing they need is Harper’s nonsense…wow. Laroche is a money performer and I hope all the vets will now get everybody on the same page. Tonight’s game is huge because we’ll get to see if they can follow up from last night and keep it rolling, and the Braves have bounced back, too.

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