Nats All-Stars

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post on Adam Laroche. He and Anthony Rendon are definitely in the All-Star conversation; that’s not just a personal opinion but is based on all the chatter I am listening to on radio, TV and internet. But I did vote for them and Ian Desmond also. FYI: As most of us know, All-Star Team Mgr Mike Matheny will have lots of ability to add players to those who fans have voted onto the team.

Paul Goldschmidt is going to start the All-Star game at 1B. That’s a given. But Laroche, Morneau and Freeman are the backup first basemen that are in the conversation. Mike Adams would have also been under consideration, but he is injured at this time.

Rendon is in the conversation at both 2B and 3B, but the competition is fierce. Matheny could pick his own third-baseman Matt Carpenter.

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