Bring Back Steve Lombardozzi?

This is a follow-on to yesterday’s posting.

Listening to yesterday’s game against the Marlins, when Drew Storen was announced as he was coming in to CLOSE the game in the bottom of the 9th, I was not at all surprised after what happened Monday night (see my posting of yesterday:). And Storen did help seal the win! No, it was not pretty, but let’s admit the Marlins are a very tough team to beat this year. And Storen was throwing excellent stuff at them; his slider, when he gets it where he wants it, is deadly.

Trade deadline issues: I expect at least one Nats trade today. Rizzo’s top priority is a lefty reliever. But a strong “bench-player” who can handle 2B and hit better than Danny or Frandsen might tickle his fancy:) Lombo is one guy who can and is a fan favorite around the DC area (he’s a local boy!). Darwin Barney was another until he was just traded by the Cubs a few hours ago. Chase Utley has a no-trade clause and wants to stay in Philly, but DAMN (!) he’d look great in a Nats uniform!!

stay tuned folks!

One thought on “Bring Back Steve Lombardozzi?

  1. Hey Pete, you’re way more current on all this than me but I thought Blevins was well liked by management and coaching? I can certainly see something being done to help with the RZim situation and that will be interesting to watch. Regarding the Soriano deal the other night…I’m not a fan of his attitude most of the time. I know all the chatter has been that he shouldn’t have pitched because he was tired but that shot of him just standing on the mound watching the ball fly into the outfield said it all. He wasn’t even interested in actually playing baseball and backing up a throw. Even the stars have to play the game and to waste that performance by JZim was unforgivable…for the whole roster.

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