Get Ready for the Babe Ruth Tap Dance


Manager Matt long ago challenged the team to win 10 in a row. If they do he promised to do a Ruth impersonation:) I’m looking forward to seeing this happen today, but first Gio has to pitch like he wants to win. THAT MEANS HE HAS TO DO WHAT GOOD PLAYERS DO——quiet their mind and body and focus on making good pitches (and NOTHING else)!

I have to eat my words on Asdrubal Cabrera, since coming to the Nats he has shown me he can step up his game to where his new team is right now—-trying to get to the World Series. With his becoming a free agent at the end of this season, Rizzo will have to figure out how to make him an offer he can’t refuse, going forward. He and Desi have blended beautifully as they cover the middle infield, making some of the best DPs I have ever seen.

Stephen Strassburg did what the team needed on Tuesday August 19, he went deep into the game, pitching 8 innings and giving the Nats a gift. I hope he learned from the experience. If I were managing the Nats, that game might have me considering giving him a start in the post-season. My inclination would still be to just use the “big three”—-Fister, Roark, JZimm as the playoff starters.

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