Mo’ne Davis–A Comment:)

As the still very proud father of two former baseball players, one a girl and the other a boy, I feel compelled (for numerous reasons!) to say something about Mo’ne Davis.  First, I wish her and her  parents all the best, I’ve been “there.”  I have watched her play baseball in the Little League World Series.  She and her teammates did very well for themselves and I can see the team coaches have done a great job.  I could see she was tired the other night, and knowing how much “media-pressure” she has been subjected to recently, I felt A LOT of compassion for her.  Most of all I wish Sports Illustrated had NOT put her on its cover—that has always portended a rough future for the athlete (just ask Bryce Harper!).

I hope Mo’ne does well in high school, both athletically and academically.  And I hope she actually does achieve her dream of playing basketball at UConn:)  I have many relatives up in Connecticut and all of them (as well as yours truly) are rabid UConn fans!

Sally Jenkins has written a good article in the 8/23 Washington Post on ‘The Mo’ne Story.’

Yes, this blog is focused on the Wash. Nationals, but I wanted to include the above:)

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