The End of the Untuck Era

Here are my picks for the post-season roster:

1.  Bullpen:  Storen, Roark, Clippard, Barrett, Stammen, Detwiler, Thornton, Blevins.  Why Blevins? Because he has been very effective against lefties (but NOT Righties!).

2.  Bench:  R-Zimm, Frandsen, Lobaton, Espinosa, Schierholtz.  Why Schierholtz?  Because he is a good backup outfielder and has more experience than Michael Taylor.  And he’s a better overall player than Hairston.

2 thoughts on “The End of the Untuck Era

  1. Yeah, it does seem different this time. They have more of a confidence about them, especially since August, like you say. There will undoubtedly be road bumps but it sure will be fun to watch. Bring on the playoffs already!!

  2. I agree – unless someone in the front office reminds Matt of how much they are paying him, Mr “Untuck” will not be in the bull pen.

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