The Roy Hobbs Tournament


November is when I really get serious about playing the game we love.  This year well over 200 teams converged on Ft. Myers, Florida for the 26th annual Roys Hobbs tournament.  It plays itself out over 4 weeks in 9 age divisions.  Last year the organizers added a 75+ age division.  This year a player claiming to be 80 years old hit a fly ball double over my head in left field!  I was told later that he had played professionally.  All games are played on major league spring-training fields.  The website for the tournament is


My team is the Key West All-Stars, and most of us live in the Washington, D.C. area.  We didn’t win many games but when we did, it was a “no-doubter” 20-8.  The high point was a two-out rally when we scored 7 runs.  Bill “spaceman” Lee (who pitched for the Bosox in days of yore) always plays in this one and I heard that this year he brought 2-3 other ex-major-leagers with him.  There are numerous ex-pro players in the tourney

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4 thoughts on “The Roy Hobbs Tournament

  1. Good summary Pete; We, Nat’l Spirit played 65s & 70s winning Bronze in 65 AAAA & 70 AAA. We beat Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee twice in 65s 2/0 & then 6/1 in the Play-0ffs.
    He pitched well but his catcher had trouble holding him and the NE Red Sox ‘D’ wasn’t consisitent. Bill, me & sons are old F/Son teammates winning the Nat’l Div in ’02’
    I believe Ray Newman of the Solons was the 80 yr old ex-pro…he hit 2 long doubles over our heads:-))

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