What just Happened?

The Nationals and their fans woke up today to a total shock!  Mike Rizzo had pulled off the biggest deal of this off-season; he played poker with Scott Boras and walked away with Max Scherzer for $210 million over about a hundred years:)  Why?  What the team really needed was Ben Zobrist at 2B and more offense!  Instead they have a journeyman 2B on the downward side of his career and a broken bank account.

I guess Zobrist just didn’t work out, but it’s hard to see why if the team will pay this amount for a pitcher they don’t even need.  Well, having Scherzer does give the team some insurance if JZimm or Doug Fister walk after the 2015 season.  But the odds of them getting their money’s worth out of such a long/expensive pitcher contract are exceedingly slim.  And it seems they are stuck with their weakest pitcher, Gio, because he is their only lefty starter.  If I were in Rizzo’s shoes I’d be trying to trade Gio now for a good hitter for the bench or a better closer than Storen.  The bench and the bull-pen are where Rizzo needs to focus

The only person really happy about this is Scott Boras, agente extraordinaire:)

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