More on the Scherzer Trade

With a bit more time to reflect on this massive coup, I’ll admit that the Nats now have some insurance in case JZimm, Fister or Strassburg is traded.  If i were the GM, as I said before, I would make EVERY effort to keep the first two!

They also have some insurance (though not on a par with Scherzer) if Ian Desmond walks after this season, having acquired Trea Turner and Yunel Escober who can both at least fill in at SS until a real good option comes along.

Even with Tanner Roark likely moving to long-relief in the pen (and I predict he will excell in that role) Mike Rizzo still needs one more late inning flame thrower.  Treinin has some potential, but I’m not quite convinced he’s NASTY enough:)

2 thoughts on “More on the Scherzer Trade

  1. It seems unlikely that they are done making moves and JZim is nearly always being talked about for trading. I would hope Rizzo is at least listening to offers for Stras, even if he’s trying to determine value. It would have to be a massive, organization-changing deal for everyone involved but who knows? I agree that Roark should do great IF he can deal with the ‘demotion’ from starting. He’s a fan favorite and if Scherzer struggles I could see people grumbling a lot. Having said all that this is the year. They have to make a serious push towards the Series. For what it’s worth, my gut says they don’t have enough offense…or at least they don’t score enough consistently, especially in many big games.

    On the custom bats: if Ponce ever really made a serious push to go all wood I would certainly look into this fellow. I expect he will get a good bit more business after your recommendation here and talking bats at all the tournaments.

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