Scherzer Revisited, Again

Here is yet one more better move than the Scherzer signing:  Cole Hammels is still out there.  Every staff of starting pitchers should have at least one lefty, right?  They could have acquired Hamels for significantly less than $210M, then traded Gio, the weak-link of the rotation.  With the money saved they might have acquired a top second-baseman, like Ben Zobrist, or at least one who is better than “The Danny,”  and isn’t a clubhouse liability.

2 thoughts on “Scherzer Revisited, Again

  1. While all reports are that Amaro is asking for 3 top prospects for Cole Hamill, just who do you think Rizzo would part with?

    And just what do you trade for Ben Zobrist?

    Where do you get this stuff?

    • I was saying they should have gone after Cole instead of Scherzer—-as a money deal ( a lot less than $210), with maybe only one prospect thrown in (I do
      know amaro wants three) but I would only offer one. I would have offered just $$$$ for Zobrist (I know the details of the Zobrist trade have not been made public,
      so in a sense I’m dealing in a vacumn here).
      I get my stuff by monitiroing everything on the MLB channels on Tv and XM radio as well as ALL Nats info scources—and I’m still playing baseball, since 1951!
      I know a lot of MLB people as well as minor league ones too—from players to coaches.

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