The Marlins?

As MLK once said, “I have a dream.”  Well, I had one last night and it wasn’t pretty:)

The Marlins ended up winning the NL East!  By only 2 games, mind you, but what a shock.  Actually I’ve had the thought in the back of my head for a couple of weeks, but refused to acknowledge it.  What happened?  The Nats offense and bull-pen ended up being the problems I predicted. Take a look at the BP’s collective ERA today, March 30.  Look at how the offense has been performing.  Yes, It’s only spring training, I know.

I think I know where Bryce Harper’s ring will be, come October:)

BTW—Tom Boswell’s article in the POST today is another gem.

3 thoughts on “The Marlins?

  1. Yeah, I have been really worried about the bullpen as well. Stammen is literally one pitch from a meltdown at any time. Roark will probably be the star of the group which will just make people complain he should be starting. Here’s my prediction: Stras may be a little in his head and have a not-so-great campaign. JZimm will probably be gold but that Post article was very revealing about Nats philosophy on when the let Ps leave. Stras and JZimm know all that in-house but to have that stuff freely circulating in every fan’s head all year could get weird. Blevins was traded for a hot closer…oops I mean an outfielder because Spann is probably hurt worse than anybody knew and who knows when Rendon and Werth will come around? Rendon is my favorite player on the squad and I agree with you. He could be a huge problem. I guess we’ll start finding out in a week or so!

    Are you playing Ponce this spring? Glenn is good to go on his bionic hip. Hope to see you out there.

  2. As perhaps the only Marlins fan to show up on this blog, you should be worried. We are a rag tag team with decent pitching and did I mention a potential MVP slugger. I think the dream was a warning….

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