Curve-ball Nightmares

Yesterday a friend pitching for the opposing team struck me out on a nasty curve!  Not the first time for that, but over the years I’ve got my base-hits off curves; in fact my best hit yesterday was a sharp RBI line-drive up the middle off a curve!

OK, on the the real story:  Bryce Harper.  His OPS (on-base average plus slugging) is on a par with that of Barry Bonds in 2004, possibly the best ever.  1.206 is a crazy OPS for a whole season; it will be fun watching Bryce try to maintain this.

I looked at about 15 offensive stats and Harper is among the top 4 in most of them, for all of MLB.  Many are talking a lot about Giancarlo Stanton this year, but as good as he is, Bryce is better thus far.

It is noteworthy that Harper has publically credited his manager Matt Williams with helping him get to this level.  He says Williams helped quiet down his swing, keep his head still and stop chasing pitches out of the strike-zone.

2 thoughts on “Curve-ball Nightmares

  1. Hey Pete, we got rained out again. Who did you guys play and what was the score? You always did hit really well up the middle or opposite field. I almost put a couple out of that bottom field at the Dugout last Saturday. Next time I’m going to borrow Glenn’s bat and see if Rich will pitch to me just to see if I can do it.

    Yeah the Nats are challenging for the division lead. Looks like all the hand-wringing has made me look silly…but they gotta keep swinging the lumber. Don’t use up all those runs now. Save some for September!

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