Cubs Upstage Bears

The Chicago Cubs, with a new manager and a great front office, are finally re-joining major-league baseball:)  Joe Maddon, the new manager, showed his stuff while driving Tampa Bay to the post-season a few years ago.  He appears to being working his entertaining magic in Chicago this year!  He has the Cubbies gaining on the front-running St. Louis Cardinals.  The team features tons of young talent full of swagger and two excellent aces on the mound (Jeff Samardzija and John Lester).

Note (posted after the above was published):  I realize I made a big mistake above saying Jeff Samardzija is now pitching for the Cubbies:)  He used to pitch for them, but now is across town with the White Sox!  My only excuse for such a screw-up is I wrote the article at around 6am this morning after only one cup of Joe, and it usually takes me three cups to really get rolling!

So at present Lester is the ace of the pitching staff and Jason Hammell and Jake Arrietta are the other mainstays of the staff.  I must add here that i listen to the MLB channel on XM-radio a lot and i have heard some talk (it may just be speculation) about Samardzija returning to the Cubs after this season ends.

With one more quality pitcher (Cole Hammels?) and one more young stud from their AAA team (I forget the guy’s name) before the end of July, the Cubs could find themselves still playing ball after October 1.

Stay tuned!

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