Trea Turner

The annual “Futures Game” took place this afternoon at the Great America Ballpark in Cincinnati.  It is an all-star game for the best young talent in today’s minor leagues, many of whom are expected to be playing in the major leagues very soon.

I listened to the game on XM-radio as I was coming home from playing in a game myself.  When I got home I turned on the TV and watched the Nationals Trea Turner hit a double and triple.  His speed running the bases is spectacular.  He was one of the stars of the game.


Last Spring Turner was playing for N.C. State University.  This year he has rocketted up to AAA Syracuse already.  Some are expecting him to be the Nats Shortstop by next year.  I listened to a commentator today on XM predict that the trade that brought Turner and Joe Ross to the Nats may end up being the best trade Mike Rizzo has EVER pulled off.

One thought on “Trea Turner

  1. Well he might have to play because i can’t see them trying to engage with Desmond. I think the younger guys are a lot more world-wise and i hope he gets a shot at SS. More than that, I hope Desi gets sorted out because the Nats are gonna need him at his best in the second half. Can’t believe I’m saying this but he’s been more of a liability than an asset this year. Would never have thought I’d be typing that this year!

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