Wish We Still had Clip and Stammen!

Very sorry to see Clip (Tyler Clippard for the “unwashed”) go to the Mets.  But I’m sure Mikey (as in Mike Rizzo) is still after a big back end of the bullpen arm.  That is the team’s biggest need RIGHT NOW!

To be honest Clip has only been having a “good” year (rather than a “great” one) at Oakland thus far in 2015.  And Kimbrell and Chapman are still out there for the asking.  There are others though, who can be had for less such as Juaquim Benoit for example.

One trade-piece I for one would put out there would be Stevie Strassburg. I’ve been trying to get him traded away for two years now, but I get the feeling Rizzo ain’t listening:)  Joe Ross RIGHT NOW looks better than SS to this humble Ponce Ball outfielder!

By the way, I am sorry I have not been posting here more frequently, but I’m busy moving North of the Mason Dixon line.


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