It’s a New Ball-game Now


So, the Mets and Nats are tied for first place after 103 games.  The just-concluded 3-game series was at times hard to watch, as good-pitching with mediocre hitting can be.  The Mets out-scored the Nats 10-5, and the  weak-offense Nats struck out 34 times in the 3 games.  Bryce (and most of his teammates) at times looked over-matched against the three aces New York threw at them.  In 11 at-bats Mikey Taylor fanned 8 times, looking like the pre-2015 Danny Espinosa.  Too bad “mad-man-Max” coundn’t pitch all three games!

The recently bolstered back-end of Washington’s bull-pen could not help in this series.

New York almost sold out all three games and the atmosphere was electric for the whole weekend.  The Mets have not generated this kind of raucousness since 2007!

Fasten your seatbelts:)

One thought on “It’s a New Ball-game Now

  1. Yep, that was a tough weekend for sure. After so many games I think we know who the Nats are. Very little offense, and the “greatest starting pitching rotation ever assembled” has been very uninspiring. I’ve said before this bunch is too streaky for me but they’d better go on another 14-3 type deal real quick or the Mets could walk off with this. Nah, I take that back. They’re still the Mets until they ‘aint!

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