A Cancer in the Dugout!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.42.51 PM

Readers already know I thought the Papelbon trade would turn out badly (see several previous posts).  His ridiculous beaning of Machado in the recent Orioles game and now attacking Bryce Harper in the dugout today will hopefully bring Mike Rizzo to his senses.  It is time to end the “Pap-smear.”  He has shown repeatedly over the years that he is an “it’s all about ME” player who doesn’t belong in the Nats clubhouse.

Acquiring “Pap” was a bad mistake from the get-go.  They needed a set-up pitcher, not another closer.

The Lerners need to step up to the plate and get rid of Rizzo, Matt Williams, and Papelbon the day after the end of the season.


2 thoughts on “A Cancer in the Dugout!

  1. Hey Pete, this Fred K. told us about this while we were on the field yesterday and it was all the rage. The video wasn’t quite a dramatic as Fred’s description. What a mess. I really think they’ll blow it up here in a week or so. Who are your candidates to replace the manager and what player moves would you make. Definitely get rid of Papplebon!! Too bad the Nats are now drifting into the local NFL squad’s territory. You know, winners of the offseason and massive letdown during the regular season.

  2. I posted my distain for Papelbon when he came here to Philly. It is an embarrassment he’s in the our record book now for saves because he asked to be traded literally upon arrival when he realized he wouldn’t get another ring here. Couldn’t believe Washington took him off our hands and disrupted their chemistry. His negatives outweigh his ability.

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