Coming Roster Changes

I expect Matt Williams and Jonathan Papelbon to be gone very soon after the season ends.  One pretty good un-employed manager out there now is Bud Black (recently let go by the Padres), but I don’t know him well enough to say the Nats should go get him.

I considered not doing this blog any longer when Mike Rizzo acquired Pap, because it showed me he no longer had any clue what the Nats needed and had really lost his way.  He has not put together anything near an effective bullpen.  For that alone I think the Nats also need a new GM.  Not keeping RZimm or Span are 2 more bad decisions.

If the Nats can afford Scherzer then they can afford RZimm too.  They should also make Span an offer for a 1 or 2 year contract.  RZim’s health is a big concern but they won’t part with him, he’s just too good when healthy!

The Nats offense is just too inconsistent to keep hitting coach Schu.  Have the new manager bring a replacement.

Behind the plate both catchers are pretty good and I don’t see any better ones becoming available.  But if a better one does appear on the market the Nats should try to get him.

2 thoughts on “Coming Roster Changes

  1. I’ll go on record and say that i think Williams and Rizzo will both stay, the recent articles in the Post about Williams losing the clubhouse notwithstanding. Actually I think he should go but we’ll see in a week or so… They have to “fix” the bullpen and even a starting position or two. who’d have said that a few months ago? The biggest problem has got to be the offense. THEY CANNOT SCORE! Maybe they can conjure up the ghost of Earl Weaver: keep it close and smack a three-run homer…the best play in baseball!

  2. I think both Williams and Papelbon are gone. The clubhouse seems splintered and you can’t leave the plague that is Paps from working his evil further. And as a Phils fan I do know of which I speak. They need a PR scapegoat (Jonathan) and a real Manager (not Matt) to get their train back on the rails.

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