Clean Sweep!

So they have fired not only Williams but the entire coaching staff.  The consensus in the Nats fan world appears to be that Mike Rizzo ought to go too; I agree.  Please close the door on your way out.

Rizzo’s bad moves are too many for a short thing, but the list starts with Papelbon!  This was such a ridiculoudly bad move that it ought to be enough to demand his head.  But then there was paying McClouth about $10-11 mill a year to do nothing.  Telling (not asking) Escobar to play 2B and playing Rendon where he should be, 3B!  Putting together a woefully bad bullpen.  I could go on but now I must go deal with the real world:)

One thought on “Clean Sweep!

  1. Several of us senior hardballers also believe that Tyler Clippard shouldn’t have been traded considering his flexibility and consistency from the Bull Pen.

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