More on the Case to send Rizzo Packing

One more brilliant move by the man claiming to be a major league GM.  Trading Tyler Clippard to save money!  He then proceeded to pay out more than Clip would have cost for the guy who tried to strangle the best player on the team, and Casey Janssen who had just a few problems holding Nats leads in the late innings.  If the Nats had had Clip, Stammen and Storen for the whole year, I’d bet they would have won 5-8 more games.

One thought on “More on the Case to send Rizzo Packing

  1. Well, you were right about the manager. He had to go, and so did the staff so that the new skipper could bring in his guys. The Post does mention that many of the players were very fond of some of the position coaches but you’d have a hard time justifying keeping many of them based on performance.

    So they could replace Rizz too and that would be fine by me. I do think they would benefit more from a psychologist more than a manager. Seems like everyone was done with Williams a long way back.

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