Nats Come in Second With Cespedes

We can now add Cespedes to the list of excellent players (Hayward, Phillips, Chapman, etc) who have spurned lucrative offers from the Nats.  The Lerners and Mikey-Boy Rizzo know that unless they can tweak the bull-pen (Dump Paps and pry Andrew Miller from the Yankees) and also the starting rotation (replace Gio with someone better), they will be lucky to finish the 2016 season ahead of the Marlins, but behind the Metropolitans of Gotham.

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One thought on “Nats Come in Second With Cespedes

  1. Well, that’s a lot of money to pay anyone…and it could have likely made an already high-priced Werth a part-timer. The other thing is the chemistry factor. In Cespedes four year career he’s had four clubs. This is not a good sign. Don’t get me wrong. I think the Nats did do the right thing in pursuing him…if only because he might have punched Papelbon and gotten him gone for good. They made an effort. Maybe looking back on it he was just using the Nats as leverage to get his Mets deal…

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