Sports Media Strikes Out

Last night’s game was exciting and was baseball at its best.  Baseball’s unpredictability is one of the main reasons we love the game.  I was happy to see StEvIE pitch the game of his life.  And now Mikey Taylor, the hitting hero, is leading the team with his .273 batting average.  The Nats showed heart and character (2 qualities that have been in short supply recently).

The after-game interview with StEviE made me laugh when he was asked about the ridiculous media circus (created by the media solely to sell their BS).  He basically said “what circus, I ignored it.”  And so did his teammates, according to other interviews.  Glad to see the Nats being so grounded in reality.

Tonight’s game 5 will be “must see!”

One thought on “Sports Media Strikes Out

  1. Whether it was a media circus (radio, TV, Twit, Face so TOTALLY susceptible to this stuff) or a clever bit of gamesmanship by Dusty, Rizzo, Strass and Roark, I must say it was pretty entertaining — on the day of a playoff rainout. But the game proved to be 10 times better than the hype and speculation.

    Second thought: despite the millions of Twits on these kind of stories, Babe Ruth’s “Bellyache Heard Round the World” in 1925 still tops them all for crazy speculation. Do we know even today what caused it?

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