A Good Start For 2018

Sweeping Cincinnati gave the Nats a great start to the new season.  In general the pitching, defense, hitting and base-running have looked pretty good.  Adam Eaton has been phenomenal as he played a major role in getting the Nats on the scoreboard in the first inning of each road game.  That is huge in any away from home series, but to start the season in this way, and with a new manager, can pay dividends in so many ways.  For sure the starting pitchers love that!

I strongly support Dave Martinez batting Trea Turner down in the order.  With his penchant for swinging at anything near the plate, not working the count and resistance to bunting, he does not belong near the top of the order.  I hope the new hitting instructor will help him with a more productive and mature approach to hitting.  Turner played a leading role in ensuring the Nats failed to get past the first round last October.

5 thoughts on “A Good Start For 2018

  1. Pete, great to see a new post. I am of the opinion the Nationals are finally going to get past their playoff woes of prior years and are World Series-bound. Start of this season has been very encouraging indeed.

      • I did get your reply a-OK, Pete. Gabe is, to be politically correct…different. He has a “new age,” analytic approach to how baseball should be played and after one week most everyone who follows the Phils is fed up with it. I have never seen a manager on such a short leash so early in a season…in his first time doing the job.

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