Rizzo is a Loser

Chapman goes to the Dodgers, O’Day stays with the Orioles, Stammen gets non-tendered.  And now Rizzo makes a public statement that he would welcome Papelbon back for 2016.  Oh yeah, the Nats fans (all 6 of them) are happy now!  And I forgot to mention what good news it was to hear we will have the same hitting coach next year.  This is the guy responsible for the weak team clutch-hitting in the late innings and the poor record of “come-from-behind” wins last year.

Mike, how are the season-ticket sales going?

Bull-pen Update

Things seem to be churning in the Nats tepid efforts to re-build the “pen.”

The rumor that Darren O’Day is leaning to coming to DC (from the Orioles) is the only seeming good news.  He would help in the late innings.

The acquisition of Oliver Perez is nothing Mike Rizzo should expect to be applauded for.  His stats are mediocre.  He is a step down from Matt Thornton.

The most discouraging is the decision to non-tender Craig Stammen.  The rumors are that might be due to a so-far not so good recovery from surgery on his throwing elbow.  Not all operations on pitchers throwing elbows are totally successful.  Apparently the Phillies Cliff Lee is recovering from the same procedure.  And I have seen recent rumors the Phillies are trying to alter or sever his contract.  Not having Craig in 2016 would be a really major loss!  From 2011-2014 he was one of the most dependable relievers in all of baseball.

The Nationals: What a Joke!

A noxious odor is emanating from Nats Park!

The Bud Black charade has morphed into Dusty Baker!  Maybe the proximity to Baltimore (and Peter Angelos) or our joke of a football team in DC (owned by Danny Boy Snyder), have rubbed off on the Lerners.

We all know Baker ruins pitchers.  Why did they even interview Dusty twice?  What about all the excellent people they didn’t even interview?  Dave Martinez, the Cubs Bench Coach, comes to mind.  Ron Roenicke, formerly the Brewers Mgr. is another.  Donny Ballgame is a third (he was nuts to sign with Miami).

Ever since the wacko hiring of “Choker” Papelbon, the Nats have been in a downward spiral.  They are working hard to just be an after-thought in 2016.  You saw it here:)  One poster on the MASN site says the Nats have become the laughingstock of MLB.  Right on!


Papelbon—-The End?

Since I wrote about Pap and his family moving out of the house they had been living in (in Alexandria, Va.), I have seen more info from his neighbors that confirms their departure.  Hope so.

Besides reflecting very badly on Mike Rizzo, this fiasco also indicates the Lerners don’t lose much sleep over “character issues” either.

Papelbon News

It’s good news!  He and his family just moved out of their house (which they bought just last month) last weekend!  Good riddance, even though the team will need to acquire a new closer.  A friend of mine who lives next door to Drew Storen told me the other day that Drew said to him that he wants “a change of scenery.”  I don’t blame him.

The Nats bull-pen has been terribly mis-managed by both ex-Manager Williams as well as Mike Rizzo.  Rivero, Stammen and maybe Carpenter are the only ones I would consider keeping.

Stay tuned.