The Chase Utley Dust-up

I have been too busy watching the exciting playoffs to add much on this site recently.  But I must say Utley’s slide at second base Saturday night breaking Ruben Tejada’s leg was ugly, dirty and he ought to be suspended far more than two games!  He ought to be fined $100,000.  The play ranks up there with the play that broke Buster Posey’s leg a couple of years ago and forced MLB to change the rules regarding what catchers can do around home-plate.

The play also changed the outcome of the game.  The Mets would likely have won if Tejada had not been injured, as they would have got a double-play rather than a broken play.  The rule now in the books allows the umpires to call both Utley and the batter out, but in this instance the umpires closed their eyes and held their noses!

MLB should take this opportunity  to change the rules about sliding into second base just as they did regarding the above Posey incident at home.  Today’s Washington Post (Nov. 13) has an excellent Boswell article providing more details.