The Roy Hobbs Tournament—Again:)

If it’s November, I play in this annual national tournament (in my age-group!).  We did very well this year, getting to the semi-finals on the last day.  At the end of the regulation game it was 5-5, but we lost in extras.


Each year we have many ex-professional players on the fields.  This year two former major leaguers figured in our games.  Randy Hundley (former Catcher for the Chicago Cubs) kept us chuckling.  He was managing the team that beat us on the last day.  Randy was the 3B coach and kept up a steady stream of orders, instructions and hand signals as if he was still in the big leagues.  Finally, very frustrated, he barked “why aren’t you guys listening to me?”

Bill “Spaceman” Lee pitched for the Boston Red Sox.  He appeared in the middle of one of our games and got a base-hit for the other team.  Soon after that play was stopped abruptly by the field manager of the complex we were playing in, who ordered Lee to get off the field!  Lee refused and the tournament director was called on the phone.  It took all the umpires and various managers 30 minutes to get Lee to depart.  He apparently had not registered nor paid the entry fee.

Playing in this event is always entertaining:)