Ranking the Nats Starting Pitchers (again)

Back in June I ranked the starterslike this:  Fister, Roark, Zimmermann, Strass, Gonzales.  Today I came across an article that took a different slant on this and ranked them this way FOR THE PLAYOFFS:  Zimmermann, Fister, Strasburg, Gonzales, Roark.  Very surprising!  Rather than re-create the article, here is where to find it: http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/92089982 and the author is Anthony Castrovince.  Easiest way to find it is to google the author and the date of the article: August 30. I’ll give you a hint as to why he ranks Roark 5th; he has already reached his career maximum innings workload of 159 1/3 innings.  Castrovince makes a strong case that with a month to go before the playoffs, it is a serious stretch to expect Roark to maintain his impressive stuff and stamina into the playoffs.  Check it out.


I just looked at my post of June 26, after watching Stephen Strasburg give up 4 HRs in a very key game last night with the Braves. What I said is still how I think about this former phenom who cannot be trusted in important games with good opponents. In this case the Braves had just lost 8 in a row, so YES (!) they were due for a win.

About 2 months ago in another post here I ranked the Nats starters and placed Stras 4th in terms of overall effectiveness this year. It is still a toss-up between Stephen or Gio as to who has been the least effective in 2014. i could mention his ERA, lots of strikeouts, and other stats, but the bottom line remains,……if I were in matt williams’ position I would not use Strass in the playoffs.